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How Much Does the Georgia Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

Georgia’s medical marijuana program is a Low THC Oil Program run by its Department of Public Health. To get a Low THC Oil card, a patient must be diagnosed with one of the qualifying medical conditions recognized by the state’s medical marijuana law. This diagnosis, and the need for Low THC Oil, must be provided by a physician with prior and continuing healthcare relationship with the patient. Patients and caregivers are issued Low THC Oil cards when they join the Georgia Low THC Oil registry.

Cost of Physician Consultation

In addition to confirming the diagnosis of a qualifying medical condition and ruling that a patient will benefit from Low THC Oil, Georgia requires a physician to notarize Low THC Oil Waiver completed by a patient and their caregiver, complete a Low THC Oil Certification for the patient, and enter the patient’s and caregiver’s details into the state’s Low THC Oil Registry. This means that physicians are responsible for certifying and registering patients for Low THC Oil use. Patients and caregivers would have to pay physicians for these tasks. On average, a patient in Georgia should expect to pay $100 - $400 for a physician consultation leading to joining the Low THC Oil registry.

Georgia Low THC Oil Card Fee

Georgia charges a $25 fee for its Low THC Oil card. This fee is the same for a patient card and a caregiver card. A Georgia Low THC Oil card is valid for 2 years. Patients and caregivers must renew their cards after this period for $25.

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