How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Georgia?

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How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Georgia?

The Georgia medical cannabis program only approves low THC oil for qualified medical patients. Rather than flowers and buds, this low THC form of cannabis is usually formulated as tinctures, sprays, ointments, and capsules. The prices of these low THC oil formulations would vary across different dispensaries in Georgia. In addition to dispensary location, low THC oil prices will also be determined by the cultivar and quality of cannabis used. According to the state’s medical cannabis law, acceptable low THC products can only contain up to 5% THC. Therefore, a product with 1% THC content is likely to cost less than one containing 4.5% THC.

On average, low THC oil tinctures cost between $40 and $60 in Georgia dispensaries while capsules and topical ointments cost $40 and $30 respectively.

Can You Use a Credit Card at a Dispensary in Georgia?

No. Credit cards are not accepted for payment at Georgia medical cannabis dispensaries. This is because banks and credit card companies usually block marijuana-related transactions. When they visit dispensaries near them in person, qualified medical cannabis patients in the state can pay for their orders with cash. Some stores may also accept debit cards or select mobile payment apps.

Does Georgia Tax Medical Marijuana Sales?

Yes. According to § 16-12-226 of the Official Code of Georgia, the state would levy sales and use tax on low THC oil. With Georgia’s medical cannabis program in its first year as of 2023, the exact tax rates are not available.

Does Recreational Marijuana Cost More Than Medical Marijuana in Georgia?

Recreational cannabis is not legal in Georgia.

How to Save Money on the Cost of Medical Marijuana in Georgia

Georgia does not have a discount program for lowering low THC oil cost for any group of patients participating in its medical cannabis program. Similarly, patients cannot grow marijuana for personal use. To save on the cost of low THC oil products at local dispensaries, eligible patients in Georgia can take advantage of dispensary promotions, sales, and reward programs where applicable. They can also spend less on low THC products by comparing prices from different dispensaries near them.

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